AMTI has a longstanding focus and level of expertise based upon the development, management, and delivery of highly effective Customer Service and Customer Experience Improvement programmes. These can cover front line sales processes, customer contact strategies, as well as regulatory and compliance programmes.

We achieve this by offering a bespoke service based around an initial assessment of an organisation's processes and practices, creating and/or reviewing company standards, ensuring that those standards are being delivered against, and helping staff within companies to understand and operate to those standards.

In essence AMTI focuses on:

● Assessment and Measurement of performance

Followed up with:

● Training and Improvement programmes


AMTI uses a range of audit, mystery shopping, customer feedback, and customer journey mapping techniques to support businesses in maximising their customer contact processes across all customer contact channels.  

Outputs and actions identified from AMTI programmes will improve the customer experience, increase sales effectiveness, and maintain regulatory compliance. An improvement plan will be agreed and will often be delivered by existing resource within your organisation.

However AMTI can compliment those resources directly if required. 


For an initial discussion contact us now on 07884 117562 or drop us an email and we will get back to you within 24 hours.